Monday, November 13, 2006

It must be true, because I say it is

Sometimes the most trivial things wind me up. I think it's to do with my age.

Take today, for example. Among other subjects, I often photograph models. They are always female, and they are occasionally underdressed.

Now, I harbour a secret desire to one day make decent money from my photographic hobby, and so always ensure that I've got the necessary forms completed that would allow me to legally sell the images at some unspecified point in the future.

So this guy gets onto one of the web forums and tells everyone that the laws are changing in the US, requiring photographers to keep much more detailed records of their models - and that we could e-mail him for the form we need.

His basis for this statement was that an unnamed friend of his, who deals with the US market on a daily basis, had told him. Given that complying with the change in the law would make for a lot of extra paperwork, I felt justified in asking for corroboration.

The individual concerned obviously felt aggrieved at having his expertise on the matter questioned, because the post in reply was a little, shall we say, off-hand. Of course, I'm bound to give my side of the story, as it is my blog, but I felt the response was inappropriate & said so.

Perhaps I should have let sleeping dogs lie, but as I said at the beginning, the ease with which I get wound up is directly proportional to my advancing age, so I responded. Unfortunately, it's now developed into something of a flame war, with him accusing me of a public attack on him. I actually remarked, responding to the tone of his post, that he'd got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. I wouldn't personally see that as the most wounding insult one could deliver, but go figure.

Anyway, I decided to investigate further and the only sources of information I can find, that I would regard as definitive, point to the legislative change being less draconian than the original post I read had led me to believe.

Consequently, I've learned two important lessons today:
1. Don't bother to ask people for help or clarification when they post things, you'll only start an argument.
2. Instead, seek independent corroboration of the facts from a reputable source.

Unless, of course, I'm the person with the information in point 1 above, in which case: it must be true because I say it is.

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